Proudly made here in the United States of America.
Our sweaters are completely made here in the USA, knit one at a time, by one person, start to finish. Our finishers select buttons individually to complement your order and sew them on by hand. Everything is custom made, just for you, right here. And we are proud of it.
It is my passion to create complex colors that anyone can wear. From true neutrals, to vibrant tweeds, there is a color to complement everyone. We work with yarn mills here in America, where the yarn is blended, twisted and dyed.
They make the colors just for me, and you won’t find these proprietary yarns anywhere else.
We use antique pearl buttons from Emr Brothers Button Company, which had been the oldest pearl button manufacturers in America. They owned and harvested from their own shellfish beds and processed raw stock into buttons in Yonkers, New York. When the company was closing its doors several years ago, I purchased what I could from them. The majority of the buttons and closures are over a hundred years old. Recently we’ve been hand dying our shell and pearl buttons in house to match our yarns and to continue to bring you the unique look that you can only find in an Amy Brill Sweater.
But most of all, I design sweaters that are the perfect shape for your perfect shape. I am most proud of that.
Enjoy yours!

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