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Avivit Yizhar

The fashion items that I design and create give me a sense of lightness and airiness alongside a particularly impressive elegance. The collections present a wide range of quality fabrics that come in some earth colors and are designed in feminine inspiration according to the natural structure and the feminine design line. The clothes convey comfort and feel the same way, the cuts are not always symmetrical and create a particularly impressive appearance that highlights the most wonderful places in the woman's body that should be emphasized.

Natural fabrics and advanced technology

The fabrics I use are natural and of very high quality. I choose the fabrics very carefully with a central emphasis on everyone having minimal acrylic-plastic fibers. All natural fabrics are manufactured using advanced technology, allowing them to have a pleasant and soft touch. Collections Women's clothing for the hot summer season includes 100% natural cotton fabrics. In addition I make use of pleasant tricot fabrics which contain mixed fabric 98% cotton and 2% lycra.


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