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Hi, my name is Clare Mills and I’m a Shreveport, Louisiana, native, I have always been drawn to artistic expression, and like most artists, I have never been limited to one medium. Although I enjoy everything from constructing embellished birdhouses to painting, I found my true love in jewelry design. My first piece was a beaded chandelier earring, but that simple piece was enough to spark a passion. As an artist, I appreciate the touch that true artisans bring to their creations. Whether in the brush strokes of a painting, the lines of a sculpture, or even the perfect details in hand-crafted jewelry, the personal touches add distinct exquisiteness to the final product. Each piece in my collections is designed to celebrate a woman’s uniqueness, the beauty that is hers alone. Adding to the intrinsic personality of hand-made designs, I have incorporated antique religious medals and cut gemstones and geodes into my jewelry, making each piece as individual as the woman who wears it. Because I believe every woman deserves the best, I hand-select every stone and medal from all over the world. For that reason, Clare Mills jewelry was never designed to be simply ornamental. Each piece tells a story, and every woman who wears it infuses it with her own story, her own beauty, her own expression. This expression is the heart of why I love what I do.

The stones you wear can impact every part of that story, from expression to the mood, so here’s what each of those stones are known for. Each piece tells a story, and every woman who wears it infuses it with her own story, her own beauty, and her own expression.

Due to the natural state of stones used by Clare Mills Designs, each piece will vary. Naturally occurring variations such as shape, color, shading, color concentration, thickness, texture, etc, are to be expected, are not flaws and not considered a manufacturer defect.

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