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0125 Mantis LG Leather Tote Bag
0125 Mantis LG Leather Tote Bag
0125 Mantis LG Leather Tote Bag
0125 Mantis LG Leather Tote Bag
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Load image into Gallery viewer, 0125 Mantis LG Leather Tote Bag
Load image into Gallery viewer, 0125 Mantis LG Leather Tote Bag
Load image into Gallery viewer, 0125 Mantis LG Leather Tote Bag

0125 Mantis LG Leather Tote Bag

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Meet Mr. Mantis, this bag is hand stitched midweight black conditioned leather and lightweight forest and mossy green leather. I used forest and bright lime green waxed thread throughout Mantis. Hand stitching with waxed thread creates a durable, everyday wearable and glamorous bag.

Mantis is a big bag with lots of space. The shoulder strap is wide for a comfortable tote. The bag fits under the upper arm or as a crossbody. Choose your desired length at checkout.

The rough cuts of hide inspire my designs. I love asymmetry as found in our beautiful natural world. I used the rough raw edges of the black and green leather for the pockets and side panels.

Mantis has 2 pockets stitched to the main compartment. The front pocket has a ring stitched to the front. Pull the security strap through the pocket ring to secure the contents of the front pocket. The security strap is then pulled through 2 rings stitched to the back of the main compartment’s opening. Pull the security strap through both rings and back through the bottom ring to secure.

I have also used mental rings to connect the side panels to the shoulder strap.

Along the side panels I have created black and green tassels inspired by nature’s vines and grasses. Black leather flowers are wrapped around a tassel. 

Mantis is rich with earthy inspired details. I hope you are brought inspiration and delight from wearing this magical bag.

  • Main compartment: (smaller at the top, bigger at the bottom horizontally) 10- 16 in x 1.5 -2.5 in x 15 in deep
  • Front pocket: 9 in x 8 in
  • Back pocket: 9.5 in x 12.5 in
  • Strap: 23.5 in long, asymmetrical 1.5 - 3 in across top of shoulder
  • Weight: 3.5 ish lbs

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