After having finished her studies of Architecture at the Polytechnical School in Milan,
Michaela Malin launched her career as an architect in Italy.
​After years of work in the field, she started experimenting with jewelry design,
and eventually decided to follow her passion, leading to the opening of her first Studio in Tel Aviv.

Michaela Malin started out designing unique items,
following her artistic instincts while brushing aside existing trends whereas
architecture has continued to constitute a pivotal source of inspiration.

In the course of her artistic development,
Michaela Malin has turned to lighter solutions, which brought her back to Italy,
where she discovered the colored synthetic materials that allow for
the design of impressive jewelry that is easy to wear.

The colorful and unique jewelry comprises of two main lines:
The expressionist line, colorful and majestic.
the abstract line, mostly bold in its colors and size, yet slick and elegant in its composition.

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