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Naked Bar Soap Co.

Naked Bar Soap Co. showcases the sensual side of natural beauty by creating gorgeous artisan soaps and lovely handcrafted bath and body products.

The term “NAKED” means undisguised, blatant, and devoid of concealment.

Simply put our soaps are made with a handful of naturally, gorgeous ingredients such as olive oil and coconut oil combined with dollops of creamy shea butter, rich cocoa butter, and other rich and exotic plant butters. Our products are scented mainly with essential oils, a few natural fragrance/essential oils blends, and use natural herbs, florals, and spices for lovely colors.

We (Natasha Byrd-Gaylon and Jennifer Peets) partnered up and launched Naked Bar Soap Co. in 2013. Through our Black Latina (Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic) roots we shared a cultural bond as well as a love for all thing’s natural beauty and skincare. It was our goal to create a brand of natural beauty products reflecting a bit of my subtle sexiness as well as her own bold tongue in cheek personality.

The Yin and the Yang is how we view our friendship and our partnership.

We believe great things come in small batches. Crafting soap is therapeutic and holistic both at the same time. A love for what we do is shown in all of our creations.

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