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0125 Mantis LG Leather Tote Bag

Absolutely Abigail's

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Meet Mr. Mantis, this bag is hand stitched midweight black conditioned leather and lightweight forest and mossy green leather. I used forest and bright lime green waxed thread throughout Mantis. Hand stitching with waxed thread creates a durable, everyday wearable and glamorous bag.

Mantis is a big bag with lots of space. The shoulder strap is wide for a comfortable tote. The bag fits under the upper arm or as a crossbody. Choose your desired length at checkout.

The rough cuts of hide inspire my designs. I love asymmetry as found in our beautiful natural world. I used the rough raw edges of the black and green leather for the pockets and side panels.

Mantis has 2 pockets stitched to the main compartment. The front pocket has a ring stitched to the front. Pull the security strap through the pocket ring to secure the contents of the front pocket. The security strap is then pulled through 2 rings stitched to the back of the main compartment’s opening. Pull the security strap through both rings and back through the bottom ring to secure.

I have also used mental rings to connect the side panels to the shoulder strap.

Along the side panels I have created black and green tassels inspired by nature’s vines and grasses. Black leather flowers are wrapped around a tassel. 

Mantis is rich with earthy inspired details. I hope you are brought inspiration and delight from wearing this magical bag.

  • Main compartment: (smaller at the top, bigger at the bottom horizontally) 10- 16 in x 1.5 -2.5 in x 15 in deep
  • Front pocket: 9 in x 8 in
  • Back pocket: 9.5 in x 12.5 in
  • Strap: 23.5 in long, asymmetrical 1.5 - 3 in across top of shoulder
  • Weight: 3.5 ish lbs
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