T2041 Tank
Avivit Yizhar

Avivit Yizhar

$ 123.00 



Natural fabrics with advanced technologies...
The fabrics Avivit yizhar uses are natural and of very high quality. The Designer chooses the fabrics while insuring they are all with the least amount of acrylic-plastic fibers. All the natural fabrics are created using advanced technology, one that allows them to feel very soft and comfortable. The women’s collection for the summer includes natural 100% cotton fabrics alongside soft tricot fabrics combining 98% cotton and 2% lycra.

Tips and recommendations

Those of you that are interested in quality and high couture could check the 100% linen items in the collections. To keep the fabric quality, Avivit recommends a gentle wash in 30 deg. (Celsius). Because none of us has a lot of spare time, and to ease the washing, Avivit does not recommend the long procedure of washing by hand.

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