Alembika is a lagenlook clothing company that was created by women for women. Alembika strives to help women feel comfortable in their bodies, just the way they are.They are known for their comfortable, unique styles, and their playful yet sophisticated juxtapositions of fabrics and colors.
1=S, 2=M, 3=L, 4=XL 6=XXL

Roni Rabl Inc is the story of a mother and a daughter, providing unique novelty clothes across the U.S Now.... Roni Rabl is about looking fabulous with no age or weight restriction. It is all about making a woman feel good about herself. Fabrics play an important part in making it happen. Supple and full of luster or three dimensional looks go hand in hand with innovative and forward design.

  • K100 Crinkle Skirt QUICK VIEW Alembika K100 Crinkle Skirt $ 273.00

    K100 Crinkle Skirt

    $ 273.00

    46% Polyester 8% Elastane 46% Viscose
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  • T703 Metallic Pullover QUICK VIEW Alembika T703 Metallic Pullover $ 205.00

    T703 Metallic Pullover

    $ 205.00

    100% Polyester
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  • RP203 Pant QUICK VIEW Alembika RP203 Pant $ 173.00

    RP203 Pant

    $ 173.00

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  • P510 Block Pant QUICK VIEW Alembika P510 Block Pant $ 213.00

    P510 Block Pant

    $ 213.00

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  • P508 Velvet Print Pant QUICK VIEW Alembika P508 Velvet Print Pant Out of stock

    P508 Velvet Print Pant

    $ 198.00

    Sorry, this item is out of stock

    Velvet texture
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  • P230 Straight Pant QUICK VIEW Alembika P230 Straight Pant $ 158.00

    P230 Straight Pant

    $ 158.00

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  • J411K Bolero Kacket QUICK VIEW Alembika J411K Bolero Kacket $ 320.00

    J411K Bolero Kacket

    $ 320.00

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  • RD407 Dress QUICK VIEW Alembika RD407 Dress $ 270.00

    RD407 Dress

    $ 270.00

    Multi print, striped, flowy, Alembika dress
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  • RT611 Top QUICK VIEW Alembika RT611 Top $ 198.00

    RT611 Top

    $ 198.00

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