Alembika is a lagenlook clothing company that was created by women for women. Alembika strives to help women feel comfortable in their bodies, just the way they are.They are known for their comfortable, unique styles, and their playful yet sophisticated juxtapositions of fabrics and colors.
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Roni Rabl Inc is the story of a mother and a daughter, providing unique novelty clothes to stores across the US, serving well over 500 stores nation-wide. Roni Rabl is about looking fabulous with no age or weight restriction. It is all about making a woman feel good about herself. Fabrics play an important part in making it happen. Supple and full of luster or three dimensional looks go hand in hand with innovative and forward design.

Roni Rabl started in 1990, bringing her designer novelty knits to America after a decade of success in Israel. In 1992 Roni’s daughter, Yael, joined the company to open the Roni Rabl Showroom in NYC’s fashion district and continue the success of the Roni Rabl knit collection in North America.

In 2008, Roni partnered with French label Lauren Vidal to introduce their brand to the United States which led to the success and growth of the LV collection nationwide. In 2011, with the continuous success of Lauren Vidal, Roni Rabl expanded by introducing additional fresh and unique European lines to the US market from various countries in Europe and has in the past 2 years expanded as far as Japan. This has taken RR to a new level, with the latest lable Ji-U, where mother and daughter collaborate to serve customers with the Best of Fashion.

Today, Roni Rabl continues her search for well-constructed, beautiful and novel collections from around the world, while also extending her business into consulting small and large brands, on how to enter the American market.

  • P313 Velvet Pant QUICK VIEW Alembika P313 Velvet Pant $ 180.00

    P313 Velvet Pant

    $ 180.00

    P313 Velvet Pant
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  • S403-AMBB Short Cardigan QUICK VIEW Alembika S403-AMBB Short Cardigan $ 270.00

    S403-AMBB Short Cardigan

    $ 270.00

    S403-AMBB Short Cardigan
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