Cynthia Ashby

Cynthia Ashby is for the person who does not subscribe to fashion trends. Perpetual treasure hunters and collectors  will discover infinite choices for their wardrobe. The clothing is made from quality linen, cotton, and occasional synthetics in assorted textures and weights. Each piece is garment dyed, which creates a quality of uncommon depth and texture. The effect is modern yet timeless, natural yet edgy- pieces that are functional as they are beautiful. When you wear Cynthia Ashby, you look and feel unique, a little mysterious, and always, deliciously comfortable.
  • RS101 Top - Gauze Tank QUICK VIEW Cynthia Ashby RS101 Top - Gauze Tank $ 104.00

    RS101 Top - Gauze Tank

    $ 104.00

    100%  Cotton
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  • SPR212 Top - Sidewalk Tee QUICK VIEW Cynthia Ashby SPR212 Top - Sidewalk Tee $ 132.00

    SPR212 Top - Sidewalk Tee

    $ 132.00
    Reflect / Large

    Unknown fabric content
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  • SPR260 Duster - Silvia QUICK VIEW Cynthia Ashby SPR260 Duster - Silvia $ 480.00

    SPR260 Duster - Silvia

    $ 480.00
    Tangerine / Large

    100% linen
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  • RS131-4 Pant - Wrap Legging QUICK VIEW Cynthia Ashby RS131-4 Pant - Wrap Legging $ 116.00

    RS131-4 Pant - Wrap Legging

    $ 116.00

    Cynthia Ashbys famous wrapped legging
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