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After an in-depth market study, the creators of Easel Clothing noticed that, despite a very ambitious fashion industry, few brands were given the task of manufacturing timeless clothing. In 2004, they entered the market to compete with large fashion houses that seemed to belittle the work of the small companies that focused on creating more durable clothing alternatives. Easel Clothing represents a contemporary style, full of quality and professionalism. Today, this clothing brand has a high level of prestige in the industry and continues to make timeless clothing that is not limited to seasons or trends.

Easel Clothing prides itself on its use of soft fabrics and ability to create relaxed, loose-fitted clothing suitable for any occasion. Whether you are heading out for a night on the town with the girls, hanging out at home, or day-tripping to the beach, there is an Easel garment for you. 

Easel Clothing Size Chart

Before loading garments to your cart and placing your order, please check out our Easel Clothing Size Guides below. Please note that these measurements were calculated as an average across all of Easel’s clothing styles.


  • Easel Tops: 28"~30"
  • Easel Dresses: 34"~36"
  • Easel Maxi Dresses: 52"~54"
  • Easel Pants and Bottoms: No Specific Sizing, Easel bottoms "Fit True to Size"

Model Information

  • Model Height: 5' ft 10" inches
  • Model Bust: 32”
  • Easel Models are always fitted with size smalls

Reasons To Shop Easel Clothing Brand

1.   Ultimate Feminine Expression

The Easel Clothing line is focused on making clothing that speaks of feminine expression and empowerment like no other. The designs are timeless and allow women to become more confident, comfortable, and expressive, no matter the occasion.

2.   Customer Satisfaction

When a brand values customer satisfaction and confidence over everything else, you can expect products of the highest quality. Easel aims to create lasting pieces that meet your clothing needs and don’t ever go out of style.

3.   Variety of Styles

With an extensive range of options available under the Easel brand on Hometown Heritage, there’s something to match everyone’s style. This also means a variety of wonderful products to choose from. Regardless of your age or personality, there’s an Easel garment that is perfect for you.

4.   Versatility of Use

Lastly, Easel’s are affordable and can be worn on almost any occasion or time of year. The extensive clothing collection that Easel has created showcases a high level of adaptability to various events, ranging from beach visits to nights out and movie dates.

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