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IGOR Deobranic

For a fabulous range of women’s clothing that simply oozes charisma and charm, look no further than the Igor Dobranic collection at idaretobe. Igor Dobranic’s experience as a costume designer is evident throughout his stunning current collection, with unique shapes and unusual cuts creating pieces that are more like works of art than clothing.

Theatrical and innovative, the Igor Dobranic women’s clothing range is the perfect fit for the idaretobe woman, with pieces that are relaxed and effortless yet always inherently classy. In the Igor Dobranic coats and jackets and Igor Dobranic tops and shirts selections you can expect draping fabrics, monochrome palettes and innovative textures coming together to create statement pieces that promise to make an impression.

To add the perfect finishing touch to your look, why not explore the stunning Igor Dobranic accessories and jewellery collection? Here you can discover a range of funky necklaces that perfectly complement the Igor Dobranic women’s clothing collection, and are guaranteed to give any outfit an instantly quirky edge.
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