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For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with creating art on textiles and fashion.  I studied art and textiles in university.   On vacation in Bali in 1983 I was instantly drawn to the indigenous way art is expressed in every aspect of life, esp with the application on textiles.  I knew this is where I wanted to play with ideas and study the different methods of applying color and motif to fabric.  I moved to Bali in 1986 and never looked back.  I am still finding more ways to play with color and motif, and am especially focused on batik (wax-resist dying) and the multi-layered aspects of the process.  I am still in love with creating handmade art to wear comfortable fashion.

Over the course of over 28 years I have developed a studio/office base in Bali that produces private label high quality original handmade garments for, at present, Europe, Canada, and the United States. In 2005 I created my own label, Lyng Designs  to meet and market directly to customers .  I have developed relationships with artful boutiques serving a customer base that appreciates the beauty and uniqueness of original art to wear.

It is my intention that you have as much fun selling and wearing these wonderful pieces as I have had in creating them.  

 With appreciation, Lynn 

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